Thursday, May 15, 2008

Update from Warren's Home!


I was finally able to download some pictures of Dash & Otis. The German Shepherd is my sister's dog, Harley. They all get along real well. Things are going good on my end.


Thursday, September 20, 2007

He's finally home!!!

Zipon/Warren/Jake/Levi/Dash is finally home - and finally has a name! Dash it is! Ann called me to let me know how well he was doing. I guess he and Otis took only a few minutes and then all was well between them. She said they played chase for a long time in the yard.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Foster Home Update!

I thought I'd let everyone know the HUGE progress Warren has been making. He still pulls on the leash, but not all that badly anymore. I have even occasionally rewarded him with some leash time on a limited-slip collar instead of gentle leader. He sits at street corners with only a quiet reminder. Even though he wants to go full steam ahead, if we stop for something ( e.g. to talk to a neighbor), he stands still and will even back up to ease the tension on the leash - if I remind him. It's still a work in progress.
We went back to the dog park today for a short visit, and he did NOT jump the fence this time (Yay!). He ran a lot, but came whizzing past several times (this is progress). He also came when called 2 or 3 times. Very nice progress!

He spends some time in the crate every day now. If I leave the house, I put him in the crate with a treat. He doesn't want to be there, but I have found that he tolerates the crate better if the radio or some music is on. My daughter discovered that he seems to like reggae music, and will lay down in the crate if reggae is playing. Otherwise, he stands the entire time he is in the crate. I have sneaked back home after being gone, and -- no barking. However, if he hears me, or recognizes the sound of the car, then he starts whining and barking.
He eats well, and is filling out a bit. He no longer tests the back gate - the one he opened for himself on his first day here. I think he'd be happy to go roaming the neighborhood by himself, but he no longer acts like he is desperate to get out of here. He watches the neighbors' bird feeder a lot, and stands up at their fence, but has made no efforts to jump it. Maybe the dog park thing was a fluke. He is a VERY birdy boy.
He still shows considerable separation anxiety. Remember he was dropped and left at the shelter twice. He's really afraid of being left behind. He always joins me in every room, even the bathroom. Just checking to be sure I don't get flushed away, I guess! At his previous home, the tub faucet must have dripped. When he first came here, he kept hopping into the tub to check out the faucet, and then hopping out. My non-leaking faucet must have been a dissapointment for him.

He is a real lovey boy, and has never shown a single shred of aggression. My girls may pick on him, but he just puts his head down and either tries to get away, or comes to me to protect him. And then in a heartbeat, he's back out there, wanting to play again. Savanna is more willing to play with him than Caleigh is. And she is more willing to share things like dog beds or toys with him, too. He has learned how to invite Caleigh to play. Outside, he often prefers to do the loner thing at the bird feeder, or running the fenceline, so he's happy to let the girls play together while he patrols.

He is totally cat safe. Even when the girls decide to pick on the kitties, he never joins in. The kitties are always welcome on his dog bed with him. He sleeps on a cushy dog bed in the bedroom, and it's common for one of the cats to join him for a bit. Sometimes, though, in the early morning after we get up and the dogs go out to relieve themselves, I like to go back to bed with a book. Then everyone, including Warren, piles onto the bed for some good cuddling. He never presumes, though, always requesting to join us, never assuming. Some adopters may prefer not to allow access to the furniture the way many of us allow. Warren would be great for an adopter like that, as he rarely gets onto furniture without being invited.

He likes children, but I don't have children, and have to rely on observing him when we stop to talk to neighbors with kids. He is a very busy boy, though, and can get pretty excitable, so he might be better with children over 6 or 8.
All in all, some very good progress.

Yard Adventures

I have to take a break and watch some birds
I'm a really happy boy - I'd love to be YOUR happy boy

Warren checking out the new yard at his foster home in St. Paul

Notice that I'm still closest to the bird feeder on the other side of the fence
If I stand up at the fence, I get a different view of the bird feeder
Those birds are always taunting me!


Is my furever family out there?
Maybe they're down the street this direction? I'll keep watching...Surely they will be coming to get me soon!

I'm learning stuff!!

This is me (Warren) and Kent. Kent is teaching me about walking nicely using an e-collar
Here I am learning to Whoa

I learn fast. Kent said to Whoa, so I Whoa'd

Resting up...

I was invited up onto this chair. Honest.
If I am not invited onto the furniture, I usually lay on the floor

My doggie bed is another nice way to rest my head...